First Mile – Last Mile Solution

First Mile – Last Mile Solution

Out of more than 350,000 trips by car per day recorded in Brussels (several tens of thousands in the other great agglomerations), 50% are less than 5 kilometres; and 30% are less than 3 kilometres.

These movements are mainly responsible for the mobility and pollution problems in our cities.

The First Mile – Last Mile concept is Ecopostale's real "Core Business".

Our ultra-fast couriers , by bicycle or by Cyclocargo (zero emission, zero decibel), handle your dispatches, your parcels, your products and/or your goods over these short distances, in order to forward them immediately to our Urban Logistics Hubs (ULH), from where they will depart for their final destinations: FIRST MILE SOLUTION.

Conversely, the parcel that you’re expecting will be delivered to you in similar fashion, from our various ULH’s: LAST MILE SOLUTION.

Newsletter June
Newsletter June

Ecopostale Newsletter June 2012

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